Saturday, May 29, 2010

Closed for the Holiday

There will be no flash fiction from me this week.  I was really pushing myself to get something posted this week but in the end I don't feel like what I've written is ready for any of you fine people to read it.  I got a little too carried away with voice to the point where I'm having a hard time understanding my own characters (who are hilarious, btw; but I could just be bias) when they speak.  Also, I've been running around getting ready to go to NY to visit my grandparents for the long weekend (it's Memorial Day Monday for those who may not be from the US). 

*Sigh* it'll just have to wait for next week.  I was really excited too, because mariblaser and I were going to do two different stories based on a wicked awesome theme.  Stop by next week to see what it is!  It's likely both our stories will be serialized (mine in 2 parts) so hope you will like it!


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