Thursday, July 29, 2010


 Maire and George are back again with a quick little view into their hectic lives.  To meet the entire Finnegan family and witness George's hatching, please read Marie & George: The Beginning
Marie secretly hated taking George for his daily walks, but she liked her house in its (minimally) un-charred state too much to risk not taking him.  It wasn’t the walking itself that bothered her – George’s walking skills had improved to the point that her being entangled in his leash was a weekly rather than daily occurrence – but the questions that she got from passers by.  They were always the same.

“How old is he?”
“Nine months.”
“Where did you get him?”
“My son found him in the woods somewhere.”
“Will he get much bigger?”
“I certainly hope not.”
“Can I pet him?”
“Only if you want a bite marks full of sulfuric acid.”

The last answer, probably the one Marie used the most, was an exaggeration.  George was exceedingly friendly (she only knew about the acid was thanks to a burglary attempt a few months back) but Marie felt there was no need to run the risk of some idiot kid – or adult, for that matter – doing something stupid, getting hurt, and then blaming George for it.  As far are Marie was concerned, people should know better not to bother animals.


Laura Eno said...

I would use that line as well...
Write more! George is fun!

Lena S. said...

Thanks for dropping by, Laura!

I have another story about Marie and George in the works (elaborating on the mentioned burglary), but I hope to come up with more over time. These stories remind me why I like writing.

ganymeder said...

That was adorable, and she's right- people *should* know better. :)

Anonymous said...

Good advice for walking a dragon or a dog. I look forward to more of these stories. :)

mazzz_in_Leeds said...

Yay, George is back :-D
You must elaborate on the burglary in a future fridayflash!

Lena S. said...

@ everyone: thanks for stopping by! Marie and George will be back next week (if work doesn't run me ragged first), so look forward to it!

Mari said...

More George please! I'm reading back anyway, to have some fleeting satisfaction until next week, heh. More!